Bianca Spender

Who is Bianca Spender?

As a leading designer for over 10 years, Bianca Spender has established herself as an integral Australian fashion designer. The daughter of an Australian fashion matriarch, Bianca has gone on to design clothing renowned for its perfectly balanced poetic drapery and precise tailoring. 

Devoid of extraneous features, there is a quiet refinement to her Australian women’s designer clothing — emphasising the sophisticated construction and intricate details. From her latest dresses and jumpsuits to her shirts, skirt, pants and jackets, every item is part of a larger collection of modern sensual silhouettes.

How do you style designer clothes?

Understated and refined, Bianca Spender designer clothing is effortlessly elegant, no matter how you choose to style it. For a feminine work look, pair our perfectly tailored skirts with a collared or sleeved shirt, or for a warmer winter alternative, style a pair of flattering Bianca Spender pants with a formal work shirt and sophisticated coat. Whether you’ve chosen a 3-piece Bianca Spender outfit or a single gown, our designer clothing is ideal for both formal and casual events.

How do l choose the right designer clothes for me?

When shopping for Australian designer clothes online, you can be sure to find the perfect match for you by using two useful guides: a size guide and our clothing descriptions. Before you place an order, be sure to carefully read the item description to get more information about the tailoring, colour, fabric and perfect occasions to wear each item. This will help you determine whether an item is suitable for your unique taste and style.

Then, most importantly, is to determine whether or not an item of clothing will fit you.

Using our useful size guide (which is available on every page of our designer clothing items), you can determine the perfect size to order, but first, you need to know your own current measurements.

For more information about our modern and ethically-produced designer clothing, visit our FAQs or contact us online.

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