Bianca Spender Series | JERICO TRACY

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I am an art consultant, curator and the gallery director of Jerico Contemporary. I have always been drawn to the history of art and how it has shaped culture throughout time. I knew very early on that I wanted to work in art and after working in the industry for ten years; I opened my own gallery when I was 28. I currently live in Paddington with my husband, daughter Anouk and our rabbit Nyiama.

Today is Mother’s Day. What does this mean to you?
Mother’s Day has always been about celebrating family, of course honouring my mother and grandmother first and foremost but also bringing together the extended family. It has taken on a new meaning now that I am a mother, and I am so grateful to be Anouks’ mum.

How will you Spend Mother’s Day this year?
This will be my second Mother’s day, and I hope to spend it exactly like the first. Coffee and croissants in bed with my daughter, followed by a swim in the ocean and a long family lunch at my Mother’s house.

You have a focus on making art accessible to young people. How did this start?
I’m very passionate about making art more accessible to everyone as I find the industry can seem quite inaccessible or daunting from the outside. When I opened the gallery it was of the upmost importance to me that people felt welcome in the space and free to express their ideas, thoughts or ask questions. I believe in transparency when it comes to the art market, which is why we have always listed the pricing of artworks on our website and been very open about what works are available for purchase and how to do so if it is your first time purchasing an artwork.

You spent time working in London. Did this experience impact your personal style?
What I love about London is that you can dress for the extremities of weather. I find so much more pleasure in dressing for winter, layering shirts under dresses, wearing boots and coats. I wouldn’t say that my style changed while living in London, but I certainly got to wear all my favourite winter pieces at once. I have found that as I have gotten older my style has become a more refined and I do feel more at ease in what I wear.

Your Gallery is very minimal, is this reflected within your own style?
I tend to gravitate towards a minimalist style in everything I do from interiors to my wardrobe essentials. I lean towards neutrals, and my wardrobe is mostly made up of black, white, tan and denim. I prefer to opt for classic pieces, but with unexpected cuts and lines. I find it is important in my line of work to not distract; whether that be from the artists, studios, exhibition or the artworks themselves.

Do you have a Gallery wardrobe or dressing formula?
Each day varies quite a lot for me, I can be in a client meeting before a few hours in an artists’ studio covered in paint, then back to a gallery to install an exhibition, then off to a gallery opening event in the evening. So it’s important that what I wear lends itself to wherever I may end up that day. I tend to gravitate towards all black looks for this reason. I keep a pair of heels and a black blazer with me at all times – just in case.

What are your favourite pieces from our High Winter collection?
The Black Stephanie Leatherette Dress is a gorgeous piece for Winter, I like that you can wear it as is or layer underneath for a completely different look.


Website: Instagram: jerico_contemporary | Location: 94 Cathedral Street Woolloomooloo 2011 NSW Australia

INSTAGRAM @biancaspender