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Bianca Spender was founded on principles of empowering and uplifting women. We design for curious, independent minds, for those who challenge the norm and who dare to dream. Through our Q and A series, we delve into the world of prominent women, forging their path in the arts, film, politics, fashion, movement and beyond.

Jasmin Tarasin is a filmmaker and artist working across documentary, drama, commercial and video installation. Coming from a fine art background of painting and photography and later film school. Jasmin works on human stories with connection and work intuitively with actors. I am very passionate about gender equality and hope I can create change through storytelling.

For the Spring 2021 season, Jasmine and Bianca collaborated on a visual project to capture Bianca's creative process during the emotional time after her mothers passing. Come with us behind the scenes of Jasmin Tarasin’s colourful life.



How did you and Bianca meet?

Bianca and I were meant to meet through art and family. I knew Bianca’s partner Sam since I was a teenager and I have always admired Bianca and her work.

What drew you two to collaborate and what was the process like?

I think initially we were only friends that shared our families lives together but I think that sharing of conversations and having similar takes on what inspires us made our collaboration the next step. Initially Bianca walks me through the narrative of her latest collection, and I digest all the elements. I usually come back with a response to that narrative, and we walk through it together.

Can you tell us the story of the latest film you have done together, what were you looking to capture?

This latest film was very special and also very challenging, we wanted the film to be a narrative about the latest collection but also a swan song to Bianca’s loss of her mum Carla. It was a beautiful and very sad process to work with Bianca and simply and beautifully convey a visual narrative for this delicate time. The film was about the simplicity and elegance that Carla always conveyed in her work and person. This was symbolised by the Magnolia. Carla’s favourite flower. The rest of the film was really about Carla’s contribution to all different kinds of women and how she made it a part of her life to empowering women everywhere to do what they are passionate about. Weirdly Carla was on the board of the first doco series I made for SBS about Australian Fashion many moons ago and she presented a beautiful speech to me at the opening ( before I knew Bianca ). Already Bianca had made the collection about awakening and renaissance paintings, so all the themes folded into each other.




Talk us through your creative process. Where do you start ?

I gather all the information that I need and put it all together and then try and forget it and then I spend a lot of time wandering around looking like I am doing nothing. It seems to take ages for the idea to come but in tiny almost unforgettable flashes I get an image of something, or a feeling and I start to map that idea. I start a mood board first then share this with my collaborator, my designer, my DOP and production designer and often their feedback will cement the idea. As I start to get the logistics in place the ideas can change here and there but ultimately I look to create the initial response that I was looking for.

You do a lot of work with gender equality in the film industry? What have you achieved?

I have been working as the ambassador for the Free the Work in Australia and now work in partnership with the Australian Directors Guild on creating opportunities for female directors. We run masterclasses and networking opportunities, mentorship and showcase directors work across the industry. It has been very rewarding and community-building work. I am very passionate about creating change in gender equality through storytelling in every part of her work. I think we should create more female stories by female creators.

What do you envision for your future?

Oh soo much!! I really want to keep creating and working with talented collaborators. In the next few years, I have a feature and Tv series coming out so this will be me for a while. 


Do you have a piece of advice you’d give to your younger self or someone looking to pursue a career in film?

Yes – I never felt like I was ready or knew enough to do this or that. Taking leaps into the unknown is really the best advice. 

3 Fun Facts

What’s your go-to dinner party dish? Or a favourite thing to cook. 

I love making ricotta gnocchi from scratch and I love a whole fish for a dinner party.

What's been the most challenging life lesson you've learnt? 

I think it's a Freud quote.“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways". This one gets me every time.

What are you reading, watching or listening to at the moment? 

Reading – Directors Actors – Judith Watson and The Prophets – Robert Jones Jnr

Watching – Succession ( hooked ) , Melbourne Film Festival online – my film The Story of Lee Ping is playing and so many other great films. Watched Fantastic Fungi the other night which was wonderful. Also watched a great Icelandic film recently – Woman at War

Listening – Beautiful new Joep Beving album and Jess Cornelius amazing new album



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