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Commemorating 15-years of Bianca Spender, the presentation of the Summer ’23 collection at Fashion Week is a tribute to Bianca’s upbringing in the world of fashion. Motivated by the concept of ‘softness’ the Summer ’23 collection conveys a deep sense of relaxed comfort that we all crave in a world full of tensions. Looking to the awakening of the Australian landscape, a sculptural roundness reflects the dusty tones of the earth, the warm sun, vivid skies, and the blackest night.

Experimental shapes explore the of contrast between traditional tailoring and organic forms. Airy volumes, fluid forms and negative space is juxtaposed against the strength of deconstructed compositions.
Drapes fall softly around the body and twisted contortion bares sensual skin. Silks and satins fold and unfold in complex constructions and there is an insouciant sense of hope in the way pieces wrap and tie around the waist.

Refreshing symmetry is accentuated through drawstrings which encircle waist and hemlines. Shoulder lines are both sharp and broad, or softly billowing, giving way to pared back bias sheath silhouettes.

Traditionally restrictive tailored silhouettes succumb to modern deconstruction that feel languid in their essence. Neutral tones are caressing in their approach and organic textures invite touch. A shade range of palette cleansing cinnamon, mushroom, taupe and clay boldly highlight the pureness of spirited shades. Accents of vivid apple, apricot, daffodil, periwinkle, cobalt, and crisp white draw you in.

A print collaboration with Contemporary Painter, Indivi Sutton embraces the essence of the earth and the sky. Capturing the deepest blues, umber, lilac, ultramarine and teal that powerfully pull you into the great azure. Grounding taupe, canary and violet subtly diffuse to illuminate colour in its purest form.

“Kinetic Energy is essential to my vision. Clothes in motion. Enhancing the movement and form of the wearer. This constant energetic exchange helps fuel my imagination.”

- Bianca Spender

Further enhancing the collection, models are adorned in handmade, vegan leather footwear by edie collective. Twisted and wrapped, shoes are delicately detailed in earthy hues of sage, mushroom and banana.

Untamed yet intricate, the hair look is adjacent to the recurrent themes throughout the collection. Created by Goldwell, an untamed faux-fringe is juxtaposed against a softly billowing dropped ponytail, that travels nonchalantly down the nape of the neck.

Calling upon the glistening sands and minerals of the Australian landscape, the makeup look by Lancôme is lustrous and illuminating. Silver specks distinctly define the eyes of some models, while others are dusted in a chromatic wash of colour.

Bianca Spender’s FIFTEEN captures the essence of connection, grounding and the winding journey of self-expression through design. This is the lightness of being.

With thanks to our sponsors:

Goldwell | LG | Lancome | edie collective


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