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Untamed yet intricate, the hair look designed for our Fashion Week runway is adjacent to the recurrent themes of softness featured throughout the SUMMER '23 collection.

Created by Goldwell Hair Director, Jason Fassbender, an untamed faux fringe is juxtaposed against a softly billowing dropped ponytail, that travels nonchalantly down the nape of the neck.

“We wanted to create hair with an edge, almost a little rock and roll nothing too pretty or perfect. Inspired by the 90s cool girl vibe. The faux fringe is a lot of fun, juxtaposing the softness of the collection while looking polished from the back."
Jason Fassbender, Goldwell Hair Director
“Bianca loves hair with texture and Goldwell’s Style Sign Creative Texture range has something for all hair types. My go-to is StyleSign Creative Texture Dry Boost as the hair remains soft and workable, and natural texture is amplified.”  
- Jason Fassbender, Goldwell Hair Director


Look 1: Dropped Ponytail

Step 1: On dry hair apply Goldwell StyleSign Ultra Volume Naturally Full section by section through roots to ends and blow dry roughly through hair. Use a round brush to directionally blow dry away from the face. Finish is to be natural rather than perfect.

Step 2: Wide tooth comb through hair to smooth. Flat iron ends of hair with slight bend under (very lightly to smooth ends in one section). Section just below the crown from ear to ear, pulling lower half of hair into smooth ponytail at base of head.


Step 3: Back comb top section and apply a light mist of Goldwell StyleSign Creative Texture Dry Boost and comb through. Rake hair back straight with slight texture and height on top and join to ponytail.

Put hair in loose pony with three loops. Pull tails of elastic as though you are taking pony out in downward motion to create the snake effect.

Step 4: Light mist of Goldwell StyleSign Just Smooth Diamond Gloss all over to add shine and finish.


Look 2: Faux Fringe

Step 1: Prep as per look 1. Apply Goldwell StyleSign Creative Texture Unlimitor on sides only and brush back into mid to low tight ponytail leaving enough length to create faux fringe. This should be a tight, neat ponytail.

Step 2: Twist ponytail up and pin up to crown. Fan ends across face as faux fringe.


Step 3: If needed add texture to mid lengths and ends of fringe with flat iron and lightly spray Goldwell StyleSign Creative Texture Texturizer, scrunch through fringe ends for undone finish.


Step 4: Light spray of Goldwell StyleSign Ultra Volume Magic Finish all over hair.

Final look should be textured and slightly imperfect


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