The Power of Collaboration | Bianca Spender X First Nations Fashion Design

The collaboration between First Nations Designer, Grace Lillian Lee and Bianca Spender was a natural fit. 


As the inaugural winner of the Carla Zampatti Award in 2021’s Fashion Laureate, Grace and Bianca held an instant emotional connection.

The opportunity to explore this connection creatively was relished by both parties, and the brief resonated strongly with Bianca’s environmentally minded ethos, and Grace’s instinctual nurturement for our earth.

Bianca and Grace explored how to visually communicate our deep concerns surrounding coral bleaching and rising water levels, in relation to our native reefs. Grace’s signature weaving is integrated into the refined drapery that Bianca Spender is best known for.

The design proudly walked the runway at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week’s closing runway show, presenting the best of First Nations Fashion Design.

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