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Dressing Post COVID-19

What are clothes for? What role does fashion play in our lives, in the face of a pandemic?

We were in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when my Spring 2020 collection was 80% finished. At that point, I felt the need to reassess, to move the collection to the world that was changing. It became about merging sophistication into the every day – adapting to our new normal or working from home and social distancing whilst maintaining the elegance and integrity of the design.

I reassessed every design through the lens of one question: does this inspire in an everyday sense? 

I prioritised making each piece wearable by shifting the fabrication and form of my designs – using soft, washable, fabrications that are durable and comfortable. It celebrates relaxed ease – which we’ve become accustomed to as we gravitate towards pyjamas and activewear in our at-home mode – but never sacrifices elegance and grace.

I was interested in honouring my romantic sensibility and exploring how a romantic and playful person can always have fun with clothes, even during a pandemic.

All my clothes have an imbued feeling of movement. Sometimes that’s achieved through tucks, sometimes folds, sometimes drapes, pleats. Clothing can be a hug, it can hold you, and it can lift you. I wanted to bring that to people in every day– regardless of whether they’re going to an event or sitting at their desk at home.

Photo-Synthesis asks our community what it looks like and what it feels like to dress for yourself.

I want my customers to feel good every day of the week, pandemic or no pandemic. I want to create clothing that reminds us that elegance doesn’t have to come at the price of ease or comfort – to instil sophistication in everyday wear and to provide some definition, so it doesn’t just feel like you’re wearing an extension of your pyjamas!

The clothing embraces an attitude of childlike wonder; it prompts us to move through the world in a way that inspires and excites us. 

During this time of upheaval and difficulty, my designs encourage those feelings of wonder and joy. 


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